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Grandpapa's Cane

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Currier & Ives were one of Americas leading print makers in the mid 19th century. Their images featured all sorts of views of towns, baseball games, ships, horse races and children. This image entitled Grandpapas Cane is in the original frame and would date from about 1860-70. The child is shown holding a cane with a gold tip, a doll in her left hand, and is wearing a gold beaded necklace. She has pretty ringlets in her hair. The top of the print has an old tear from about the part of her hair to the top margin and another tear in the top of her crown to the top margin and either a fold or crease on the letter e of Cane extending to the base of the margin. The notation on the bottom is Published by Currier & Ives, 152 Nassau St., New York. There is mild foxing and some surface silverfish bites, but the central image is in good condition, the child is very attractive and this piece is over 125 years of age. The print has been placed in an acid free backing and is now in an enviroment that will not cause further deteoriation.

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Condition: Good
Year: 1870-70

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