John Coker, LTD - Est. 1971

20th Century Morticians Funeral Item

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This is one unique item with no marking whatsoever. As I was putting this up on the web, a man who is a funeral director came into my antique shop and said that he had seen these years ago at funeral directors conventions and these were handed out as premiums or advertising pieces but he did not remember for what product specifically. The figure almost has an Indian look with a headdress that resembles something that King Tut would have worn maybe some sort of Egyptian theme. The clothing appears to be a robe of some sort. This came from the estate of an antique dealer who had been in business for 61 years in Knoxville, Tennessee and I have no idea from where she got this. There is engraving of foliate around the robe clothing.

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Condition: Fine
Year: 1900-1920

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