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The Augustus Mitchell series of maps shows detailed descriptions of each region showing railroads, lakes, and the borders were engraved as a flowering vine. The maps show a lack of modern growth.
Still life images have been very popular for years and show many of our favorite things. This shows a violin on top of music, books with markers, an open book with a portrait and a candle denoting evening reading. The frame is an outstanding Victorian shadow box style with an ebonized trim in the graduated sides. The condition of the print is excellent, the frame is well over 100 years of age and is probably the original to the print. This particular image even has what appears to be a tintype propped up against a stack of books and the table covering of red damask adds to the overall rich appearance.
This view shows two figures on top of a rock wall climbing into a side door or window of the ruined castle. The architectural features include a ruined tower walls and crumbling surroundings. The effect is charming and very appealing.
From literature and photos, when one thinks of New England, one of the first images that comes to mind is the church in the village, clean, crisp, and making a great presence. This either print or photo shows a well built 2 story church with a great steeple and weathervane. The winter skies are made even more somber with the black and white format and the stark tree in the foreground. This is one very interesting image and would be considered classic New England. The frame is a black molded type that would be expected on this era. Ready to hang and use today.
Horatio Alger Stories are well collected. No publishing date but this appears to be around 1900. Interesting cover 225+ pages and great illustrations.
A Sterling Silver dogwood blossom with curling stems around border. Well engraved vines constitute the border of the piece. The weight is comfortable.
The Colton map series are regarded as some of the most accurate of American maps of the world. They were colored in borders of countries and the historical changes of boundaries make these interesting to viewers today.
Nobody can perfect the tea ceremony better than the British. This pretty pink roses cup and saucer just exemplifies a civilized cup of hot tea. The swirled pattern in the thin porcelain is very evident and the pink flowers all around just look like a garden. Made by Aynsley and being bone china, this is a good 50 year old cup and saucer that has timeless appeal.
The sun is going down, its the end of the day, and the cowboy is heading home. The rider is on the lead horse pulling two supply horses behind. The landscape is clearly western. Jack Woods is the artist and is a Taos, New Mexico artist from the 1960s and 70s. Painted oil on board, this is in the old original frame and looks as if it it has weathered like the landscape like the scene.
A really pretty frame with a raised exterior line surface and 4 metal corners that make a stylized design that would be perfect for a classical print or painting. The condition of the frame is excellent and has the look of aged gold leaf. Minor nicks and scratches to the surface but this only makes it look older. The 22K lemon color is outstanding and the appearance is truly great.