John Coker, LTD - Est. 1971

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During the Flapper Era, women truly sparkled. We all enjoy seeing the old Icart engravings of elegant, attractive and truly desirable ladies. This piece of jewelry is a puzzle, it is almost star shaped with a shaping that is 1/2in deep and curving back to a flat surface. It may have been a scarf piece with a pin that is now missing similiar to a stick pin that held the scarf in place, but there is no sign whatsoever of a pin backing that may be missing. The surface is covered in polished and faceted hematite, an interesting surface treatment and is in excellent condition.
No doubt a drafting student who was quite good, this image shows a statue on base in Downtown Yonkers. A very stylish lady in hat with child by her side, a man talking with lady in front of Diamond signs all in front of a shopping plaza. The car stopped at the stop sign may be an Edsel and has the license plate JHK for the artist John H. King.