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In years gone by, long before recycling became fashionable, ladies decided that it was best to put single objects to multiple use. Hence collars that went from coat to coat or suit to coat. This fur collar appears to be mink and even still has the ends for fastening around the neck. In good condition, it is ready to use on a retro or vintage outfit and would add some real pizzaz on that special fashion.
Good luck abounds with the finding of this Four Leaf Clover Bracelet. The greens and enameling of this bracelet are well detailed and even the edges are bezel mounted to protect the enamel and designs. The weight is very quality yet not cumbersome. The visual appeal of this is immediate, and this would go with almost any color.
Farm life is discussed in this novel with the different seasons and smells. 160+ pages of text, this is worth reading from a nostalgic view of life before computers and TV.
The noted map maker Gotha: Justus Perthes did engravings of the world and Stielers hand atlas. Many countries borders have changed since the mid-19th century. This is an interesting historical document and for family genealogy and travelers. Interesting view of changes in the last 150 years. These were also created by S. con Stulpnagel.
Signed Center Front, J. Eckford 27, this oil on board shows a landscape looking out through 3 bare limb trees into a lush treen valley setting. On the back is the circled note University Club and the original price of $25.00. The frame appears to be gold leaf and is likely to be the original. The scene shows a rich coloration of green and purple. This is a quality period painting and truly a little gem of the artist.
Pure Victorian, an outstanding example of vines and waves along the yellow gold filled center shaft. A large yellow colored glass stone fits in the top of the pencil and there is a certain old world look to this. Also, we have the ability to wear this pencil on a necklace. The pencil portion retracts and is a good example of both jewelry and writing.
The portrait of this attractive lady in lace is from the late 18th century based on canvas age stretcher style and general composition. The condition appears to be mostly original with very few touchups and the overall impression is one of an aristocratic personage. Oil on canvas, the portrait shows a really well done portrait of clothing of the late 18th century style.
A charming work by a well know New England artist in the original frame still leaving the label The Little Gallery 105 Chestnut St. Springfield Mass. This is a really well done image, probably late winter or early spring and the drab daylight is getting ready to end. Signed lower right Carl H. Norestrom, and the title of Approaching Spring is penciled on the back of the board and the original price of $60.00. The painting does not appear to have ever been out of the frame and it is in great useable condition.
Everybody collects cups and saucers at some time. This is a really charming blue violet that makes one think of the springtime in the country and a refreshing beverage. The marking is Genuine Bone China, Made In England, no makers mark. This cup is a traditional and would look good in a window.
Tourist momentos were popular years ago as they are now china companies in Germany made lots of scenic views to remind tourists of travels. This pitcher has a good Canadian theme and is approximately 100 years of age.